DMTN-000: The LSST Data Management Technical Note Series

  • Tim Jenness

Latest Revision: 2017-02-16

1   Technical Notes

The LSST Data Management Technical Note (DMTN) series of documents exists to allow people to write informal reports on their work, without requiring the overhead of approval by the DM Technical Control Team. Tech notes have the advantage over Confluence pages in that they can be cited more easily from other documents and there is an expectation that they won’t be deleted. Do not use Confluence for a report that is going to have longevity.

Topics that are suitable for a tech note are:

  • Proposals for new algorithms and investigations of their suitability.
  • Reports on algorithmic, middleware, or hardware performance.
  • Discussion of a technology choice.
  • Description of a process and its justification.

User guides, API references, cookbooks and howto guides should not be written as tech notes and should use the specialist user documentation framework. An overview of the tech note framework itself can be found in [1].

2   References

[1]Jonathan Sick. The LSST DM Technical Note Publishing Platform. SQuaRE Technical Note SQR-000, LSST Data Management, November 2015. URL: